Have you ever admired a particular actor? Is there someone who was able to capture your heart and your mind? Well, you are probably familiar with these actors who were always on the list of the most admired celebrities in history. They are those who you wanted to be your Albuquerque 24-hour emergency garage door service you want to knock on your door.

So here is a short list of the most admired actors we have for the past decade. To be fair, THIS IS NOT IN ORDER.

  • Lee Reherman – he captured so many hearts when he joined the American Gladiators as Hawk. His buff and steady physical figure was enough to stun. His beautiful voice he’s using for hosting is definitely a plus factor.
  • Leonardo DiCarpio – nobody would ever forget how he managed to make himself loved and admired by so many fans and supporters when he did both Romeo and Juliet and the very famous Titanic movie. He also has a big heart as he was able to raise funds for people who need help more than ever. His kindness is really admirable.
  • George Clooney – if we ever need to mention a certified Hollywood hunk, George Clooney is definitely someone you can call out. Not only this talented actor has the face, he also has a heart as he is maintaining a good number of foundations and he is actively participating in different humanitarian activities.
  • Mark Ruffalo – he is definitely one of the greatest actors ever. But what made people admire him so much is the fact that he is a very active charity worker and clean energy supporter. He is known from being a community environmentalist as he is always there to support green campaigns.
  • Brad Pitt – all girls would agree that hottie Braddy can make someone fall in love with him. But behind his beautiful face is a compassionate heart. He founded a particular foundation which provides and sustains homes to communities around the world.
  • Christian Bale – this man is really a talented Academy Award winning actor. Aside from his achievements, Christian was a very vocal supporter of civil rights.
  • Matt Daemon – every time this actor would appear in TV screens, he would be able to make every woman scream. But Matt Daemon is actually an environmentalist who is always protective of clean water. He has founded a water foundation that will support African community for their access for clean water. Indeed, Matt Daemon is a lot admirable.
  • Keanu Reeves – Keanu is really into doing charity works. He was reported to have donated multiple times into hospitals. However, he does not want people to recognize his name as a charity worker. It was also reported that he have donated to hospital doing leukemia research as his sister was suffering from the diseases.
  • Sean Penn – he is very vocal when it comes to his opposition of USA’s involvement in the Iraq war. He was also snapped doing active relief efforts when Hurricane Katrina hit the American land.