Have you ever admired a particular actor? Is there someone who was able to capture your heart and your mind? Well, you are probably familiar with these actors who were always on the list of the most admired celebrities in history. They are those who you wanted to be your 24-hour emergency garage door service repairman you want to knock on your door in Oklahoma City.

So here is a short list of the most admired actors we have for the past decade. To be fair, THIS IS NOT IN ORDER.

  • Lee Reherman – he captured so many hearts when he joined the American Gladiators as Hawk. His buff and steady physical figure was enough to stun. His beautiful voice he’s using for hosting is definitely a plus factor.
  • Leonardo DiCarpio – nobody would ever forget how he managed to make himself loved and admired by so many fans and supporters when he did both Romeo and Juliet and the very famous Titanic movie. He also has a big heart as he was able to raise funds for people who need help more than ever. His kindness is really admirable.
  • George Clooney – if we ever need to mention a certified Hollywood hunk, George Clooney is definitely someone you can call out. Not only this talented actor has the face, he also has a heart as he is maintaining a good number of foundations and he is actively participating in different humanitarian activities.
  • Mark Ruffalo – he is definitely one of the greatest actors ever. But what made people admire him so much is the fact that he is a very active charity worker and clean energy supporter. He is known from being a community environmentalist as he is always there to support green campaigns.
  • Brad Pitt – all girls would agree that hottie Braddy can make someone fall in love with him. But behind his beautiful face is a compassionate heart. He founded a particular foundation which provides and sustains homes to communities around the world.
  • Christian Bale – this man is really a talented Academy Award winning actor. Aside from his achievements, Christian was a very vocal supporter of civil rights.
  • Matt Daemon – every time this actor would appear in TV screens, he would be able to make every woman scream. But Matt Daemon is actually an environmentalist who is always protective of clean water. He has founded a water foundation that will support African community for their access for clean water. Indeed, Matt Daemon is a lot admirable.
  • Keanu Reeves – Keanu is really into doing charity works. He was reported to have donated multiple times into hospitals. However, he does not want people to recognize his name as a charity worker. It was also reported that he have donated to hospital doing leukemia research as his sister was suffering from the diseases.
  • Sean Penn – he is very vocal when it comes to his opposition of USA’s involvement in the Iraq war. He was also snapped doing active relief efforts when Hurricane Katrina hit the American land.

Fixing Your Act for the Big Screen

Perhaps being an actor or an actress is already one of the most glamorous occupations in the market that one could have. This catapults you to be recognized by people from all over the world in no time. If you are really good at it, then there is a chance that you would even hear people wherever you go chant your name.  

Interesting, isn’t it? It is exciting at the same time. Not to mention, it pays well. Just with one commercial, you could be earning several thousand dollars which you cannot as easily earn when you are simply working a 9-hour job. You get to travel and see so many places, and you have the chance to live life luxuriously. No need to look for those who says that “we buy houses cash Orlando.” With money, everything is possible. This is why everyone even once in their lifetime dreamed of becoming one. There are those who even join auditions to possible make this dream happen. They are hoping that at some point, they can stand out enough to be chosen as the next star.  

There are ways to further enhance your talent especially if you want to be an actor: 

  1. Give it your all

Remember that getting a chance to act, even in auditions, can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As such, there should be no place for insecurities and second thoughts. Grab the chance as is and maximize your time performing. Never look back, but never look desperate as well. Show them your real talent which is appropriate for the role you are auditioning for. 

  1. Research for the auditions you can try out for

All things start small. So, even if the audition is only for small roles, you should grab this as an opportunity to perform. The more exposure you have, the better understanding you will get. This will prepare you for landing for far bigger, and better roles in the future. This will also lessen, if not totally abolish your inhibitions when facing a big crowd, 

  1. Widen your Knowledge by Studying

Yes, studying about your chosen career will help you a lot. It will enable you to gain knowledge that will be an edge during the casting. By studying acting, you can know the science of proper blocking and lighting. At the same time, you can get techniques that would improve further your skills. Anyone with talent can be an artist, but not everyone can have the knowledge present only in a specific course. Attending acting classes, seminars and workshops can be part of these courses. Just in case you are not able to land an acting role, at least you can have the opportunity to be a part of the cast. Almost there, right? 

  1. Stay Humble All the Time

Whether or not you land a role, it is important to always keep your feet on the ground. Always be polite and friendly to the people around you. In the Hollywood industry, sometimes all it takes is knowing the right people. You cannot really know when these people would come so better be humble while you still have the opportunity. 

Being an artist sometimes results from pure luck. But it is also not impossible that through hard work and effort, you’d land the role you are aspiring for. 

Life of Lee Reherman

Lee Reherman American GladiatorsLee was born in Louisville, Kentucky on July 4, 1966. He was a football player, specifically an offensive lineman at Cornell University. This is not surprising at all as he already developed a buff physical attribute even he was just a college student. He graduated from his bachelor degree in 1988. After his college education, he attended the Miami Dolphins training camp trying out for the team’s offensive lineman but he failed to make it. he then transferred and get his Master’s Degree in UCLA Anderson School of Management. He finished a doctorate in Economics at the University of California, Los Angeles. After he achieved this educational attainment, he left the academe and pursued a career in television and films.

The start of his career as a professional actor was marked by his appearance in the television show entitled Columbo. He was then cast in the film Last Action Hero. He then was able to climb the stairs of fame when he joined the show American Gladiators. He used the name Hawk to identify himself. He remained a part of that show until 1996. While he was enjoying the peak of his career during that time, he still managed to join small time television shows and short films.

After his fame in American Gladiators, he became the regular host of Hot Rod TV and Forza Motorsport Showdown on the television network, Speed. When TV producers realized his talent in hosting, they started to ask him to host different shows in the following year including Battle of the Supercars (2010) (Speed), Off-Road Overhaul (2011–2012) (Outdoor Channel), and Game Changers (2013) (Stage 5 TV).\

Aside from his television and movie shows, he was also asked to cast in video games. He provided for the voices of the characters in  Dead Rising 3 and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

Lee Reherman left all of his fans with broken hearts when news about his death surfaced the internet. It was reported that he was found dead by his girlfriend, Natalina Maggio.

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